Meet Lisa Dee

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! 

I’m Lisa Dee, a trusted companion to dozens of veterans who are living with cognitive impairments, most commonly, dementia.  Since 2011, I have seen first-hand the challenges the veterans face every day.  More importantly, I learned what brings them joy and peace of mind.

Out and About has provided over 1000 outings and spent 12,000 hours serving veterans and their families.  As a result of these experiences, we discovered invaluable, proven remedies and alternative solutions to the complications we faced on a day to day basis.

I receive dozens of calls every month from veterans who need services so I created this blog to share our journey and daily adventures.  It is a collection of the decorum and essentials that helped us along the way.  ‘Alz’ was created to portray the veterans in my company and the experiences we shared together.  If you purchase products through this site, the commission will cover the expenses and maintenance.  The goal is to reach as many veterans and their primary partners, as possible to provide them with a little leeway.